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Department of Education

About the Department:

The department of Education was started since the established of the college in 1982. The Major Course in Education was started in the year 1992.  The sole aim of opening of Major Course in Education was to meet the increasing demand of students and give the opportunity to learn more in the field of education. The department has a departmental library contributed by both the teachers and students. 

The college aspires to be the centre of excellence for Higher Education and a seat for the development of human resources in the greater pathalipahar area.

1. No. of books : 482 

2. Name of the In-Charge: Dr. Nitul Gogoi

The department has one Wall Magazine (Pragyan) has been published since the session 2000-01. 

Academic Activities:

Seminar, Lectures, Discussion and workshops are conducted in the department. Micro-Teaching, Field Study and Educational Excursion have been conducted by the department in each year.

Workshop: One Day workshop was organised by the Department on the topic "Seminar Paper Writing and Presentation" on 2nd November, 2022.

Resource Persons: 1. Dr. Dulumoni Saikia, Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Kherajkhat College

                            2. Mr. Puranjoy Sonowal, Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Pub-Dikrong College

Faculty Members:

Dr Nitul Gogoi
Assistant Professor (HOD)
Date of Joining: 2000-10-30
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Mrs Mitali Dutta
Non Sanctioned
Date of Joining: 2004-08-25
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Ms Jusmita Konwar
Assistant Professor
Date of Joining: 2022-09-24
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